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When you found your person, the connection was undeniable—you were certain they were the one. But life, as it does, introduced its complexities. You’ve both evolved; sometimes it feels like in opposite directions. Maybe the arrival of children shifted the dynamic of your relationship, transforming what was once a familiar dance into something unrecognizable. Or perhaps the relentless demands of careers have chipped away at the time you used to cherish together, slowly eroding the foundation you built on shared experiences and dreams.

Suddenly, the path you were walking together seems unfamiliar. You catch yourself wondering, “Who is this person beside me? They’re not who I imagined they’d be.” It’s as if you’ve been handed a bait-and-switch. On the flip side, you might be confronting discomfort with the person you’ve become in the relationship, sacrificing pieces of yourself for the sake of harmony. If any of this resonates, know you’re not alone in feeling this way.

Marriage Therapy | Couples Counseling

We’re your relationship’s advocate!
Healthy, happy relationships come in many forms:

  • Newlyweds,
  • a middle-aged couple with teenagers,
  • an LGBT couple navigating parenthood,
  • or a throuple struggling to meld differing personalities.


As your guide on the Heart Path, we provide the right kind of support to improve communication, negotiate needs, and discover greater meaning and fulfillment in your relationship.

Unique Approach

Many couples come to us after experiencing therapy that felt more like navigating individual challenges side by side than addressing the heart of their partnership. This often leaves them feeling more disconnected than when they started. It’s a common misconception that relationships end because they’re beyond repair. In reality, many seek an end not because what they have is unbearable, but because they yearn for something deeper, something better. You’re not in this alone.

Your relationship deserves more than a patch-up job; it needs a comprehensive upgrade—think of it as Relationship 2.0.

To reignite the spark and build a connection that lasts, we dive into the latest research on what makes some couples thrive while others struggle. The secret lies in understanding the dynamics that distinguish “the masters of marriage” from “the disasters.”

In fighting for the future of your relationship, you need a champion—a therapist who isn’t afraid to be direct and ensure the true voice of your partnership is heard. Our clients value our straightforward approach, expecting us to bring authenticity into every session and make the relationship itself the focal point.

We’ve designed our couples counseling to get to the root of common issues: the erosion of connection, trust, joy, mystery, intimacy, and adventure. With us, you’ll embark on a journey to not only restore what was lost but to discover new territories of your relationship.

Our Successful Couples

Most couples we serve are overwhelmed by the demands of day-to-day life: kids, career, aging parents, different libidos. 

Their ability to navigate life demands is hampered by avoiding taking risks and expressing vulnerability with each other that would foster greater intimacy. More, they avoid conflict for fear that conflicts signal something bad about the relationship. (Clue: It doesn’t.)

Avoiding risks, vulnerability and conflict are at the core of nearly all relationship problems. Imagine what it would be like to take risks, express vulnerability and address conflict healthfully with one another! That’s magic. 

Successful couples no longer excuse their own behavior with phrases like, “It wasn’t my intention,” and, instead acknowledge the effects of their behavior. When they see that their partner was hurt by what was said, they repair, because it’s the adult thing to do. 

Our successful couples don’t have to imagine what it’s like to turn around their relationship and getting back on course; they experience it. They’ve turned off the pause button on their relationship’s progression and pushed play! They’re taking action by owning their contribution to the problem thus creating the space for healing and reconciliation.

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