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Our Philosophy

A Path To Wellness began for people like you: someone searching for solid guidance toward living a healthy, authentic, and empowered life. The profession is full of providers who focus on the question of “What’s wrong with you?” You want a provider who’s more interested in “What’s right with you?”

You deserve a bulldog when it comes to fighting for your relationship. Our clients expect a “tell you how it is” therapist. They want us to bring a realness to sessions and ensure that the voice of the relationship is heard.

Consequently, we offer a unique approach to couples’ work. Unlike many couples counselors who orchestrate sessions as if doing individual therapy with two people in the room, which often contributes to failed treatment, your sessions focus on the dance that occurs between you.

You can trust that your vital issues will be addressed and QUICKLY! We want to help you get to where you want to go as fast as possible.

That’s what makes us unique!

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Dr. Tom Murray​

Owner, A Path to WellnesS

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist/Supervisor

You’ve got problems, and you don’t have time. Consequently, you want a therapist who is reality-based, uber-practical and a straight-shooter. No more nodding-head therapists who have “mmm, hmm; how do you feel about that” on repeat.

If you want fluff, I provide referrals.

Had enough of the fluff? Now’s the time to own your shit; I’ll grab a shovel, too.

You want someone who’s straight to the point so that you can get on with your life. Sure, credentials matter, but what really matters to you is someone who provides quality and value starting session #1.

Proud Member of TherapyDen

More, when hiring a consultant to improve your relationship and sex life, you want someone exceptionally skilled at both and with a proven track record. With my straightforward approach, what I also call CAREfrontational, backed by the science of what works in bringing about change, you’ll gain clarity, break old patterns, tackle mind-chatter, and experience satisfying sex and intimacy.

Moreover, clients frequently express that I bring a serene and calming presence to my work while also possessing a remarkable ability to grasp and comprehend individuals, their emotions, and their motivations. Many clients have shared their initial belief that their challenges were insurmountable, only to discover that what they truly desire in life lies beyond their comfort zone.

Why I Love What I do

"I'm Drawn To Supporting My Fellow Citizens Of The Island Of Misfit Toys."

I grew up on welfare in central Pennsylvania, hailing from a family that confronted numerous challenges typically associated with poverty. During my college years, where I happened to be the first in my family to attend, I discovered a remarkable ability to make individuals feel secure and at ease when discussing their relationships and sexual histories. It was during this time that a biology professor acknowledged this talent as a gift and encouraged me to pursue it further.

These experiences propelled me towards this career, and as a result, ultimately led to you arriving here. Additionally, I bring all aspects of my history, thereby combining various elements to create a better life for those whom I serve. Moreover, I offer you this familiarity, compassion, and understanding, which will support you as you progress towards creating a better life.

During down-time, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in a variety of activities such as the arts, weight training, yoga, singing, reading, cooking, and exploring my Scottish roots (not to mention sporting my kilts). Furthermore, I have had the privilege of serving as Vice President on the board of trustees for Unity in Greensboro, my spiritual home. In this capacity, I have had the honor of leading Sunday service several times a year.

I genuinely look forward to serving you.

~Dr. Tom Murray


Ph.D., Marriage and Family Counseling,
University of Florida
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(FL, OR, PA, & NC)
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (NC)
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist/Supervisor

Prior Faculty Affiliations
Adler University
Lindsey Wilson College
Modern Sex Therapy Institute
Northwestern University
UNC Greensboro
Wake Forest University, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Analise Anderson, MSW, LCSW​

Diving into the experience of being in therapy and shining a light on those dark places you carry and avoid thinking about can be overwhelming at first.

You also may have gotten stuck at the starting line in the past, or maybe you’ve struggled to find the right fit and understandably gave up.

I challenge you to make today different; choose vulnerability.

I firmly believe we can’t experience connection and love without it.

What Sets Me Apart as a Therapist?

Analise Anderson

Why choose me specifically among the multitude of other therapists who may be able to provide assistance?

One of my greatest strengths lies in my ability to recognize the multitude of factors that surround your life. I understand that your emotions are valid and intimately intertwined with your environment. Through our collaborative efforts, we will delve into and address the various elements that impact your overall well-being.

You may have previously undergone therapy where the therapist offered textbook responses and generic tips. However, you deserve someone who will actively collaborate with you to attain a deeper understanding and develop solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances.

Ultimately, what matters most is that you have specific goals in mind. You possess a keen awareness of what is functioning effectively and what requires improvement in your life. In conjunction with my highly accepting and non-judgmental approach, we will unwrap the extraordinary gift that you truly are, working together towards transformative change.


Why I Love What I Do

"At A Path to Wellness, we recognize you deserve strategies that reflect your own unique set of circumstances. We strive to identify where you want to go while honoring where you've been."

Throughout my career, I have consistently connected with individuals like yourself, and as a result, I have been able to create a safe, welcoming, and caring environment. Serving as a clinical social worker at A Path to Wellness, I have received comprehensive training and obtained the necessary licensure to effectively address the emotional and psychological challenges that are inherent to our shared human condition. Moreover, I have gained valuable experience in providing such support in diverse settings, including hospitals, treatment facilities, outpatient environments, group therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and individual counseling sessions.

Collaboration and Unique Solutions

I am invigorated by the opportunity to meet new people and collaborate with them in crafting a plan for action and growth. Additionally, I work best when partnering with individuals who are willing to put in the necessary effort, understanding that this commitment will yield improved and expedited results. It is crucial to acknowledge that the benefits derived from therapy are directly proportional to the investment you make. While no one else can undertake this journey on your behalf, rest assured that you possess the capability to accomplish it.

I’ll join you in your journey to find greater happiness and satisfaction and start A Path to Wellness. We’ll figure out how to get you to your destination so you’ll get more out of life.”

~ Analise


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

(Psychotherapy, Couple & Relationship Therapy)

Randy Garcia, MSC, LCMHCA​

I know, right?!? Managing this thing called Life is undeniably hard work! It’s a constant struggle to find solutions that can alleviate the burdens. Moreover, it feels like there’s been an overwhelming amount of challenges to overcome, and the exhaustion can be overwhelming. But here’s the deal: You don’t have to face it all on your own. Just like every great superhero needs a trusted sidekick, I am here to join you in fighting the good fight. Together, we will navigate the obstacles and direct you towards effective strategies for achieving your goals, ultimately leading you to a life of greater meaning and purpose. Granted, I can be firm and straightforward in my approach, as I believe in your potential to achieve great things. You deserve nothing less from your trusted sidekick, considering the time, effort, and hard-earned money you invest.

Why I Love What I do

"At A Path to Wellness, you get the time and attention you deserve to discover solutions to life's problems."

You’ve probably experimented with other therapists who seem to have a repetitive pattern of asking, “how do you feel about that.” While they may assist numerous individuals, you seek a different approach that aligns more with your personal style. Your relationship, sex life, and/or mental health crave a higher level of engagement from your therapist. With my expertise, I apply scientifically proven techniques from the realms of counseling and marriage and family therapy, leveraging your strengths to catalyze positive change.

There’s no room for wasting time. Your transformative journey awaits, and together, we can take that crucial step towards bringing you closer to what you truly desire. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to commence this process. Reach out to me today and embark on A Path to Wellness.

Randy Garcia


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (NC)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (PR)

(Sex, Therapy, Psychotherapy, Couple & Relationship Therapy)

Hannah Smith, LCMHCA

We don’t live in a society that allows you to be who you are. Editing conversations, holding back, closing yourself off to people because you don’t know if they’ll accept who you really are. The stakes are so high, so much to lose that you’d rather suffer in silence than risk abandonment.

Imagine what it would be like to be truly yourself, fearlessly and unapologetically. You have a good idea of who you are and are open to how you might be in the future. You are free to pursue your joy in whatever way you wish. Every day may not be perfect, but you no longer feel out of control- solid in knowing you are prepared to handle anything.

I am deeply passionate about helping people discover their joy and helping them live the lives they truly want. Acceptance and openness to all ways of being are a foundational part of my work- because I know firsthand what it’s like to live for others’ expectations. To this end, I have over a decade of advocacy and education work related to LGBT+ and alternative sexual expression and relationship-style communities; including BDSM/Kink, Polyamory, Swing, Fetish, and beyond. Let me put my expertise to work, helping you build the life you want to live!

My Philosophy of Change

Think of me as a facilitator for your growth. You are the only expert on your life, and I have the tools to help you get where you want to be. Counseling isn’t intended to be an authority telling you how to live your life, and I wouldn’t want to do that to you anyway. Our work will be collaborative and we will draw the map to your healing together.

The prospect of change can be terrifying, but you wouldn’t be here if something in you wasn’t saying “It’s time”. I trust that voice in you, even if you don’t yet. I will ask you to accept yourself exactly as you are- imperfections and pain included- and choose vulnerability and growth instead of the comfort of stagnation. We will work together to grow the parts of your internal experience that are serving you and let go of the ones that aren’t. I will never promise you that your world will always be perfect and comfortable- because the inevitability of change means perfection cannot exist. But you absolutely can build the life and relationships you want if you’re willing to risk the discomfort- and I want to help you get there.

Hannah Smith


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (NC)
Licensed Professional Counselor (SC)
National Certified Counselor

(Sex Therapy, Psychotherapy, Couple & Relationship Therapy)

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