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Online or in-person Therapy based in Greensboro, NC

We specialize in sex therapy, individual psychotherapy, and couples counseling.

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Our Downtown Greensboro Location

A Path To Wellness Office

Our local office in Greensboro, NC is located on 612 N Greene Street.

Path to Wellness – Parking

Designated spaces:

  • Lineberry Funeral Home
  • Downtown Greensboro Animal Hospital (Off of Greene Street)

Additional street parking may be available on Fisher Ave.

Our Services

A Path To Wellness began for people like you: someone searching for solid guidance toward living a healthy, authentic, and empowered life. The profession is full of providers who focus on the question of “What’s wrong with you?” You want a provider who’s more interested in “What’s right with you?” 
Our experts are selectively chosen for their insistence on providing patient-centered, compassionate care…sometimes in a CAREfrontational manner if that’s what needed to help you get to where you want to go as quickly as possible without any unnecessary sessions.